Crafty Christmas Fun

Looking for a fun craft this holiday season? Take any old glass Christmas ornament balls that you no longer want. Break out the glue, glitter, ribbons, and sequins. Decorate the ornaments to your heart's content. You will have beautiful new ornaments for gift giving or to keep yourself.

To decorate new ornaments, try painting them. Most craft stores sell clear glass ornament balls. Take the metal hanger off the top and squirt a small amount of acrylic paint into the opening. Swirl the paint around a bit and then let it drain out into a paper cup. Add a small amount of a different colored paint and swirl this around. Drain out the excess paint. Once the inside of the ball is covered, place the ball upside down over a cup to dry for several days. Reattach the metal hanger and tie a pretty ribbon around the top. Your marbleized ornaments will make lovely gifts.

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