Do You Work Remotely? It’s Important to Cultivate the Right Mindset

Telecommuting is becoming more of an option for many workers, with over 23.5 million U.S. workers who are not self-employed working from home. It can seem like an ideal setup–no more traffic, uncomfortable business attire, or endless meetings.  

But for many workers, there are also negatives. You may feel out of the loop and low on motivation. It can also be difficult to break away from work on weekends and evenings when the computer and phone are right at hand. To successfully work from home takes the right environment and structure, and a good deal of self-discipline. In fact, for anyone who hates his or her job and thinks that working at home is the cure, it may be surprising to find that it doesn't solve this problem.  

In order to cultivate a working mindset at home, it helps to set aside part of your home as dedicated office space. This allows you to not only focus on your work in this space, but keeps you from working past your quitting time once you shut the office door. Following the same schedule you had at the office is also a good idea. Set specific hours for work and stop checking work email or voice mail messages once your work day is over.  

To keep from feeling isolated from co-workers, you can plan on going into the office on a regular basis for meetings. You may also enjoy meeting for lunch once in a while to catch up on office happenings. For some telecommuters, the perfect balance is one in which they work from home two or three days a week, and head into the office for the remaining days. If you are just beginning the work-from-home experience, you should plan on giving yourself two to three months to adjust, with the flexibility to modify your schedule as needed until you find the right balance.

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